Thursday, February 17, 2011

On 23 March 2011, Dave Gaubatz will publish the first counter-terrorism comic in America that is based on first-hand evidence. The first edition will be over 25 pages, on DVD, and will begin with Dave’s life which led up to his becoming one of America’s top terrorist hunters. Dave began his career over 25 years ago and has worked in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and conducted first-hand research at over 250 Islamic Centers/Mosques in America. In 2007/2008, Dave put together a team of counter-terrorism researchers which included Muslims and non Muslims. The team of researchers led by his son (Chris Gaubatz) also conducted a six plus month undercover operation inside CAIR National. The results of this research are in his best selling book ‘Muslim Mafia’.

Each month a comic will be released which will describe specific evidence obtained by Dave Gaubatz and his team of researchers.

The comics are meant to be a fun and easy way for Americans to understand the threat our country faces from Islamic based terrorist groups and their supporters operating inside America.

To obtain a signed copy of the ‘First-Edition’ comic please donate $25.00 via PAYPAL ( or through the PAYPAL button on this site.